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We handle your needs  with expertise

Services is the manner in which a company provides information technology accessible to users throughout an application's lifecycle. IT service delivery covers the design, development, deployment, operation, and retirement of the application or IT service. The products and resources used in IT service delivery are referred to as the service delivery platform.


Save time by outsourcing IT  Smart building operations.

Rely on Zen for the expertise and resources to manage part or all of your systems infrastructure and applications.

We provide managed services for unified communications, data, video and smart building systems.

We can manage your existing infrastructure as well as help you plan and facilitate a technology transformation.


We maintain and replace your systems on the comprehensive and noncomprehensive basis.


Preventative monitoring of system performance and the ability to quickly find and fix problems help to keep your systems running optimally.


Remote diagnostics and resolutions help us rapidly resolve potential problems, saving time and reducing the risk of an outage.


Zen offers every level of support with both niche and end-to-end services.


Planning to upgrade your IT  or smart building Infrastructure. Get all the guidance you need to design and integrate it successfully from professional services team.

Services range from initial planning and design to seamless implementation, to integration and ongoing optimization.

We help you to minimize risk, enable people, and deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Control risks, costs, and quality through a planned deployment process and dedicated expertise.

Turn your infrastructure into a competitive advantage by leveraging best-in-class solution expertise and methodologies.

Planning to upgrade your IT  or smart building Infrastructure. Get all  the guidance  you need to design  and integrate it successfully  from professional services team

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